What will be the Manager role when the employees are Robots?

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Alaa Elshimy
Managing Director & Senior Vice President Enterprise Business at Huawei Middle East

By Alaa Elshimy

This paper is a summary of the researchable question drawn from personal managerial experience. What will be the manager role when the employees are Robots? The entrepreneurial role of a manager and the decision-making involved in their work becomes essential in light of the technological changes that are currently impacting the global business world and the Fourth Industrial Revolution (IR4.0).

The IR4.0 will change approaches to managing, both due to the application of technological developments to enhance the productivity of work and due to a higher demand for creative decision-making. Contemporary managers have to prepare to work in an environment with high uncertainty and where the theories and research they have learned may become irrelevant as the landscape of work changes, and managers engaged in research have to apply their skills to find new ways of navigating the business world led by the IR4.0.

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