Leadership Styles – Warren Buffett vs Elon Musk

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Berkshire Hathaway vs. Tesla

The comparison will mainly focus on companies, which will be assessed in accordance with the Four Leadership Styles framework. The first organization is Berkshire Hathaway, where the core leadership style was set by Warren Buffet, and it is delegating. The second organization is Tesla, where the leadership alongside Elon Musk utilizes a coaching style. Both leaders are highly successful, but they use contrasting leadership styles. Tesla is highly supportive and directive in terms of behavior, whereas Berkshire Hathaway exhibits low levels of both support and direction. In addition, Elon Musk is an epitome of a transformational charismatic leader, which is why Tesla is able to apply a coaching approach on such a large scale. Although these are situational leadership styles, which might alter depending on the overall development of an employee, their solidified and permanent versions are Laissez-faire leadership for Berkshire Hathaway and democratic for Tesla

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