Huawei reiterates commitment to next generation connectivity in the Middle East

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Huawei launched its AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 and the Huawei CloudCampus solutions during the virtual press conference

Chinese tech giant, Huawei, has held its Middle East Digital Transformation Webinar 2020, during which the company reiterated its commitment to fast tracking next generation connectivity in the Middle East and Africa region.

During the virtual conference, Huawei announced the launch of new star products and flagship solutions for the Middle East: the new series of AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 and the Huawei CloudCampus solution.

The webinar previewed five trends of an intelligent world 10 years’ from now and proposed a foundation built on new types of connectivity, computing, platform, and ecosystem that will enable the intelligent development of a wide variety of industries.

Alaa Elshimy

“Technology is increasingly more present and essential in our lives, especially given the current situation the world is facing. Reliable, secure, and seamless connectivity is crucial in order to keep everyone connected to the people and things that matter the most, whether that is doctors, family, friends, schools or work. That is why we are thrilled to officially launch our latest solutions in the Middle East, which will contribute towards bringing digital to every person, home, and organisation, for a fully connected, intelligent world,” said Alaa ElShimy, MD & SVP, enterprise business group, Huawei Middle East.

The newly launched products and solution are aimed at transforming enterprise campus networks. With its leading advantages in 5G, optical networking, Internet Protocol (IP) networking, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies, Huawei implements collaborative innovation across technological domains, allowing technological evolution and business development to go along side by side to drive customer success in the journey of digital transformation.

“Digital technologies are reshaping the world around us and it is more important than ever before to implement the latest solutions to ensure continued and reliable connectivity. Campuses are the cornerstone of a digital world, where most of the innovation takes place. With the new products and solution launched today, Huawei aims to satisfy customer needs for high-speed, fully wireless and intelligent networks that will accelerate the digital transformation of enterprise campuses,” said Alaa Bawab, VP, enterprise networking, Huawei Middle East.