Gate Way to Aerospace revival

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Alaa Elshimy

Alaa Elshimy, Managing Director & Senior Vice President of Enterprise Business Group, Huawei Middle East also added that the aviation sector has experienced unprecedented disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we are seeing a better than expected recovery, particularly in the Middle East.

The recovery has been accelerated by accelerated technology adoption within the aviation sector. Contactless technology and Al-enabled video surveillance for enforcing social distancing protocols have effectively boosted confidence for travellers to return to the skies. Cloud technology has also enabled elasticity and resilience in COVID-enforced remote working environments and tight labor conditions. Another major trend is green airports and net-zero targets for the industry as sustainability takes hold.

Industry players have been quick to offer solutions to cater to rising demand and the shows occurrence at such a time is a high booster to drive the aerospace industry collectively towards a faster recovery.

Source: SP’s Aviation Issue 11 – 2021 by SP Guide Publications Pvt Ltd-F