Future OpEx 2021 discusses digital response to operational excellence

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Over 300 key industry leaders from the Aviation & Logistics industry gathered from across the GCC at the inaugural Future OpEx 2021.

 Convened by Aldrich International, a global consulting platform spearheading the development of knowledge-based economies in the MENASEA markets, The Future OpEx 2021 – the GCC region’s first power-pact virtual event focusing on Digital Response to Operational Excellence in the Aviation & Logistics Sector, was a one day event held on the Virtual Platform.

Addressing the theme of “Digital Response to Operational Resilience”, the event’s vision was to facilitate a favourable environment to address the key challenges of business transformation and operational excellence in the Aviation & Logistics industry and the development of ‘New Normal’ post the global pandemic. The critical insights thus gathered will thereby enable organizations with new vision to effectively tackle operational transformation challenges.

The conference began with Opening Remarks from the executive director of Aldrich International. Samuel Benedict said: “I believe many have slipped their course from profitability to sustainability on this new climate change on the effect of the COVID-19. Our response would be either we handle this norm alone or we combat this together. We believe the impactors taking decision together would always have a great synergy in the market place. You have all been chosen as great and effective leaders to be a part of this historical revolution due to a mutual passion company’s vision and mission. Your passions help us all to unite and the energy we create is what allows us to achieve our individual as well as our industry goals.”

Alaa Elshimy
Managing Director & Senior Vice President Enterprise Business at Huawei Middle East

Alaa Elshimy, managing director & senior vice president, Huawei Enterprise Business Group, Middle East, delivered the opening keynote address at the conference and stressed on the Huawei, the ‘Smart Airport’ Maker.

Shedding light on Huawei’s Smart Airport Solutions Elshimy added: “Future OpEx is a great event and a unique opportunity to get the industry thought leaders together to share their experiences and views on the industry. Future airports will transform the passengers experience and take it to a different level, will increase the efficiency and the security of the airports. Airports, air lines, air control, civil aviation and all concerned organizations will be connected together on real time with the digital world and will create intelligence, which will create a lot of value to all of us.”

One of the key highlights of the event was the C-level Executive Panel with Sheikh Aimen Alhosni, Chief Executive Officer, Oman Airports; Mohamed Al Binfalah, Chief Executive Officer, Bahrain Airports Company (BAC); Michael Ibbitson, Executive Vice President, Infrastructure & Technology, Dubai Airports and Videh Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), on the emerging trends in Aviation – the digital transformation and smart airport solutions post the outbreak of this global pandemic across the world. The panel was moderated by Kashif Khalid, Regional Director – Africa & Middle East, International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Javed Malik, Group Chief Operations Officer, AirAsia, who shared his insights as a part of the panel on the driving force in digital response to operational resilience through OpEx, highlighted, “The need to drive policy and economic regulation changes to enable both airlines and airports to find new ways to drive innovation, digital adoption and the greater use of guest and operational data points to enrich and reduce the cost of operational performance.”

In his keynote address on SAP innovation for Cargo, Transportation & Logistics, Dr. Tarek Shaalan, Industry Advisor Expert; Cargo, Transportation & Logistics, SAP Middle East, said: “Rise with SAP – the on your terms and on your-timeline transformation to an intelligent enterprise. Rise with SAP is to get the Business of Transformation moving forward and faster. It’s the concierge service to take the business transformation strategy where you needed to go. Rise with SAP brings together everything you need to do to get it done – transforming your business the way it works best for you regardless of where you’re starting from or how fast you want to go. It’s SAP an entire Ecosystem of partners helping you charter your change.”

Expressing her views at one of the panels focusing on the impact of COVID-19 and the development of ‘New Normal’ in the logistics industry, Nadia Abdulaziz Alkhan, President, National Association of Freight & Logistics (NAFL), said: “GMR Hyderabad Air Cargo is one of the most important central airports in India, with around 70% of its exports are pharma products. The air bridge between Dubai Airports and GMR Hyderabad airport will transform many people’s lives. Due to the pandemic, there is more heavy emphasis and use of Air Cargo. Hyderabad also is one of the most import producers of pharma products and vaccines. Asyad Group is amongst the top global supply chain logistics groups in the world.  It is also the right place for investors to connect with in Oman. Oman Logistics Association is your gateway to Oman Logistics networking and securing the right agents to handle your cargo in Oman.”

Source: Arabian Aerospace